July 22, 2014
other-vocies-war Politics     ‏4:38

Opposition to Protective Edge

Story Concentration of events opposing to Protective Edge
gaza-health Politics     ‏‏4:49

Health Services in Gaza

Story The condition of the Health Services in Gaza Strip
himnon-engs Politics     ‏2:10

A New National Anthem

Coverage New words for the National Anthem
yadbyad Social     ‏3:30

Hand in Hand Against Racism and Incitement

Story A demo in Jaffa against Racism and Incitement
hakol-aza Politics     ‏3:54

The Other Voice From Gaza Envelope

Story The Other Perspective from Netiv HaAsara and Nirim
social order eng 7 Social     ‏18:44

Social Order [ENG] 9-7-2014

Studio English Edition of Social Order
amnsty Social     ‏3:51

Help I'm Being Arrested

Story New Panic Button App
house-demo Politics     ‏3:07

Home Demolitions

Story On Home Demolitions
jersulmmjersulmm Social     ‏4:46

Jerusalem Syndrome

Story Jerusalem in a state of upheaval
abu khdir Social     ‏2:54

Condolence Visit to Abu Khdeir Family

Story Condolence Visit to Abu Khdeir Family
full.Still001 Social     ‏‏7:08

Enlisted Holidays

Story On the Militarism in Jewish Holidays
tree Social     ‏2:06

Waiting Under The Tree

Story A solidarity protest with Al-Arakib
bikoret Politics     ‏1:05

War Diaries

Studio Commanders writing for newspapers
costumers eng Social     ‏1:51

Prosecuting Clients of Prostitutes?

Story Prosecuting clients of prostitutes for or agianst
saif Social     ‏2:15

Demo in Support of Druze Refuser Orwa Saif

Story Support Demo in Druze Refuser Orwa Saif
269-demo-tlv1 Environment     ‏‏4:01

Milk Zombies – Shavuot Demonstration

Coverage Provocative art exhibition held by 269 Life
gaza-ark-2 Politics     ‏1:55

The Reverse Flotilla

Coverage A fishing boat rebuilt by Palestinians and activists
social 105 Social     ‏11:58

Social Order 23/6/2014

Studio Social TV's weekly social order magazin
malenki Culture     ‏2:43

Malenki Theater

Story Economic crisis at the Malenki Theater
wifi Social     ‏4:05

Occupy Wi Fi

Story A protest via Wi-Fi networks
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