September 19, 2014
school Social     ‏‏6:16

Saved by The Siren

Story Preparation for opening of the school year
peac-bus2 Politics     ‏16:02

Peace Bus

Story Since fighting began in the South,
Sequence 01.Still001 Politics     ‏4:51

Peace Organizations Rally

Coverage A peace rally against the war in Gaza
povery-eng Social     ‏7:24

Supertanker Against Poverty

Story On the Committee for Combating Poverty
humantrian-gaza Politics     ‏2:24

Humanitarian Aid for Gaza

Story A solidarity event for the people of
gaza-lod Politics     ‏3:22

Lod in Solidarity with Gaza

Story A demonstration in Lod in solidarity with Gaza
slaves-eng Social     ‏5:16

Slaves in Ma'ale Adumim

Story Volation of rights of Palestinian workers
wartime Social     ‏7:18

Public Discourse in Wartimes

Story Public discourse boundaries in wartime
women-sc Social     ‏11:58

Women, Security and Conflict Resolution

Story Role of women in times of conflicts and war
tzuk-eitan-demo-ta Politics     ‏8:29

Demonstration Against the War in Gaza

Coverage Demonstration against "Protective Edge"
udi-sega-bakum Social     ‏3:37

Demonstration in Support of Udi Segal

Story Udi: "Especially now, it is important to refuse"
media-covrage-eng Social     ‏2:15

The Media Coverage During The War

Story your opinion of Israeli media coverage during the war
protes-gaza-106 Politics     ‏‏3:56

Protests Against Protective Edge

Story Israeli street protests against the war
dahmash eng Social     ‏6:34

Demolition threat in Dahmash

Story Dahmash village is under threat of demolition
I-refuse Social     ‏4:08

I Refuse by Udi Segal

Story A declaration of refusal
robi Politics     ‏1:46

Stop The Gaza War! Join Us Now

Campaign fundraising campaign for combatants for peace
social-order-106-engsub Social     ‏17:55

Social Order 22/07/2014

Studio Social TV's weekly social order magazin
peace-squer Politics     ‏4:19

Peace Square

Story Bereaved Israelis and Palestinians hosted a discussion
jermey Social     ‏20:36

Social Order [ENG] 22/7/2014

Studio English Edition of Social Order
other-vocies-war Politics     ‏4:38

Opposition to Protective Edge

Story Concentration of events opposing to Protective Edge
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