Sunday, August 30 2015
hydepark Social     ‏6:18

Hyde Park in Levinsky Park

Coverage In order to create an alternative discourse to hatred, and to address the divide...
women wage peace Politics     ‏3:03

Fasting for peace

Coverage A protest marking the anniversary to Protective Edge
Sequence 01.Still001 Social     ‏5:10

From Abuse to Creation

Story a new book helps detect sexual assaults of children.
1111 Social     ‏7:16

Invisible Disabilities, Invisible People

Story Mentally disabled struggle to live decently
susya Politics     ‏3:11

Fighting for Susya

Coverage Protest against demolition of Susya
hahlon Environment     ‏2:38

Say no to Moshe Kahlon

Coverage demo against the gas deal
cover Environment     ‏2:37

We Are All Their Voice

Coverage Jewish-Arab animal rights march
osot-seder1 Social     ‏15:57

Women Making Order – Security weapons

Studio A monthly panel on women, militarism and peace
rabana Social     ‏3:45

The Rabbinate Monopoly

Story The rabbinate monopoly on kashrut
holot Culture     ‏7:57

From "Holot" to The Front Of The Stage

Story A play inspired by the "Theatre of the Oppressed"
eli yosef Politics     ‏4:00

Nation Shall not Lift Up Sword

Story Activists against arms exports from Israel
mishal-rehov-neshek Social     ‏1:51

Is there a need for armed security guards?

Story armed guards in schools
nitzani-shalom Social     ‏2:52

Jordanian labor laws in Nitzanei Shalom

Coverage Palestinian workers appeal hearing
vehadart Social     ‏3:01

Honor The Elderly

Story Thousands of elderly suffering from
headspace Social     ‏3:54

Headspace Bat Yam opening event

Coverage center that provides emotional support for young people
gas-shiri Social     ‏2:55

What do you know about the gas deal?

Story The gas deal
gaza-flotia Politics     ‏3:20

Is there a siege on Gaza?

Story The day before the military takeover of
2-1-state Politics     ‏4:59

"Two States, One Homeland"

Coverage Two states or one state? - Two States, One Homeland
attir-umm-alhiran Politics     ‏2:54

A demo in Attir Umm Alhiran

Coverage protest in Attir Umm Alhiran
har Culture     ‏5:34

Leadership or Death

Story "Mountain. A Trilogy" - examines the nature of military
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